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Natural Stone

10 Steps for ensuring a good installation of your proposed driveway or patio.
Contact a minimum of three installers. We often come across people who have had work done in the past who have since found out that they had paid more than they should have for their installation! The only way to be sure of paying the going rate is by obtaining several quotes.
Estimate or Quotation Make sure you know what you are getting. Check if the price you are told is an estimate. If so, you could find yourself paying more than the other installers would have "quoted".
Deposits and payments in advance. If you wish to install a "standard" product then there should be no reason for anyone to take a deposit off you. If however, you wish to install a product that would need to be bought in specially - it would be reasonable to expect that a deposit be paid which would help to cover the price of the paving should you change your mind. Do not pay for work until it is completed and you are pleased with the job. However, once finished, prompt payment is very much appreciated.
Make sure you can visit several previous installations carried out by the installer. Immediately after an installation, any completed work should look good. We like to return to an installation after a period of time to take our pictures. The installations often look better as the growth of planting usually"softens" the picture. You should ask to see installations other than just recently completed ones. Being welcomed back after a period of time is a good sign of a lasting installation.
Compare like for like! You can appreciate that if one installer is going to dig out foundations for a driveway, he is not going to be as competative as an installer who is just going to lay the paving on top of the existing drive. Check to see if a dig-out is neccessary and, if so, everyone should quote for the same type of installation.
Asking the right questions. Every installation is different. Not only should the installer be asking about what you would like for paving, he should also be asking about DPC levels, soak-aways for surface water, existing drains, power requirements, services, etc.
Making the decision. Only when you are properly informed and in possession of all the relative information regarding the installation of your driveway or patio are you able to make the right decision. If, as they should be, quotes are quite near to each other in price, then you have to make a value judgement. People should be swayed by the quality of the installers previous installations, the reputation of the installer gained from friends, previous customers, builders merchants, etc. (ask around!) Finally, I believe that the genuine enthusiasm an installer has for the job should be an indicator of what you can expect of the finished project.
Take three more steps. If you can think of three more steps... then take them - I couldn't!
From a website point of view...10 steps sounded better than seven!....
eliminate Luck from your decision....Choose right!
If you care to take the time - and for your interest, we have included in our website a very comprehensive Gallery of finished projects which have been completed over many years. You are quite welcome to visit any of the installations and ask our customers what they think - One or two people like this may be "arranged" but when you are faced with so many good installations like this - the installer has to be good!

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